Leader in permanent marking solutions

Offering the best metal engraving products since 1989.

Electrochemical Recorders

The most used system for engraving, marking and traceability of logos and codes on metal with impressive quality. Leader and reference in the segment since 1989 with the most complete line.

Portable Micropunching Machine, Bench and Integration

The only national manufacturer of the Portable Micropuncture, Bench and Integration system. Leader and reference in the segment.

Excellent value for money

Offer high quality, low cost products to serve markets that need to brand their products, lowering the customer's production costs.

High precision and quality

Tecnigrav's quality is recognized by thousands of users and is also the result of investment in state-of-the-art manufacturing and control equipment.

100% Brazilian company

With more than 26 years working in the metal recording equipment sector, TECNIGRAV is a company with 100% Brazilian capital.

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