Selector Block

Selector Block

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Dimensions with connectors;    10cm(width) X 7.5cm(Length) X 5.5cm(Height)

Weight:                  0,3Kg

Control Unit : MK300 and MCU 200B

Guarantee: 01 year


The purpose of the New Block Selector Switch now you can have just one master file from which you can select a single block only to print see example:

                                     [00] TECNIGRAV


                                     [02] BRAZIL

If you select the number 00 your Dot Peen marking System will only print the data from that Block of text. You can select different blocks by cycling the 0~9 unit button (White) and to go up to the next tens such as from 20 to 30 you push the Tens button (Blue) once selected the correct block number push start and the marker prints that line of text only. No longer will you need to have separate files for printing when all you print is a single line of data.